About Levert Land

The Levert Land Companies consist of Levert-St. John, LLC, the J. B. Levert Land Company, LLC, and various other smaller companies. We own commercial and industrial buildings across the Gulf South and southeastern US, as well as undeveloped and agricultural lands. We also plan and create residential subdivision developments and commercial building sites, some of which are available for sale or for lease.

Levert-St. John, LLC

The principal asset of Levert-St. John, LLC is agricultural land, (approximately 11,000 total acres) all in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana. The Levert-St. John, LLC lands are made up primarily of four plantations, St. John, Banker, Burton and Stella, all in St. Martin Parish.

These acres are used as follows:
Sugar Cane – Our operation…………………….4,775 acres
Sugar Cane – Tenants………………………………3,645 acres
Crawfish and Rice – Tenant…………..………….1,939 acres

St. John produces nearly 40 million lbs of sugar annually off of its lands (both self and tenant operations combined). All cane is sold to the Louisiana Sugar Cane Cooperative which operates a sugar mill on property sold to it by the company.

The management of the St. Martin properties is carried out by Edward C. Levert (Charlie) who reports directly to the President. Charlie has been employed by the company since 1990 and is the son of L. C. Levert, III whom in his capacity as Vice President, managed the farming operation for 40 years and has been retained on a part-time basis as a consultant.

The “St. John House” (circa 1828) is located on the St. John Plantation next to the sugar mill and is available on a rental basis to stockholders when not being used for company business. In addition to its agricultural operations, the Company owns and manages offsite commercial investment properties in south Louisiana and Mississippi.

J.B. Levert Land Company, LLC

J.B. Levert Land Company, LLC has evolved from an agricultural entity to a real estate company, active in real estate investing in and developing real property. Its traditional sugar cane lands are leased to tenant farmers. The Levert Land company owns approximately 7,000 acres in Louisiana (5,000 Thibodaux / 2,000 St. Charles) in its own right, and another 5,670 acres in partnerships (320 acres in Louisiana – Levert / Morvant, Ashton Plantation Estates, LLC – 1,050 acres and Ridgeland Properties, LLC – 4,300 acres).

The principal centers of Levert’s Land Company activity are in Lafourche and in St. Charles Parishes, Louisiana. In Lafourche, the company is conducting residential development activities through Plantation Acres, L.L.C., which is owned by the company’s stockholders. In St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, the company is developing its own properties and, in addition, is co-owner/manager of other residential developments (Ashton Plantation Estates, LLC and Ridgeland Properties, LLC).

The Levert Land Company manages approximately 30 ground leases on company lands and is also active in real estate investing, owning and managing various commercial, industrial and residential facilities in South Louisiana and in other nearby southern states.

Ownership of the Levert Companies as of January 2016 is invested in approximately 130 shareholders living throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia.