About Levert Land

Welcome to Levert in Louisiana. The Levert Companies are family owned businesses founded in Louisiana in the early 1900’s. Land development specialists, land developers and real estate investors, the Levert Land companies are engaged in the operation and management of their raw land holdings and improved income-producing properties throughout South Louisiana and neighboring states.

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Real Estate Investing

The Levert Land Companies specialize in Real Estate Investing. We invest in commercial and industrial properties across the southeastern US. Our real estate investment portfolio includes properties across nearly 250 miles of the I-10 corridor including Louisiana and as far north as Memphis, TN. Our financial strength and successful real estate investment history allow us to move quickly when quality investment opportunities arise.

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Residential Developers

The Levert Land Companies are residential developers, and have been developing residential areas, alone or in partnerships, for over 40 years. We specialize in high quality residential family developments in growing areas of Louisiana. We’ve developed residential subdivisions throughout South Louisiana.

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